Roofing Maintenance For Your Home

If you leak in your roof, it is time to consider Roofing Maintenance. If you don’t, you could be looking at costly repairs. A roof specialist should be contacted for help. In addition to repairing roof leaks, a roofing expert will fix damaged components. Here are some common problems that can arise due to improper roof maintenance. These include cracked shingles and loose flashing. Kent Roofing can assess the situation and recommend a suitable solution.

Roofing Services

Roof inspections are crucial to identify any structural problems. For example, leaks in shingles or tile roofs may indicate a problem with the caulking and sealant. This can result in mold and watermarks. During the inspection, look for signs of cracks, rot, and fungus. You should also check the bends in the elements and sagging pipes. Pipes and equipment support should also be inspected for cracks in the base. If they are deflected, they may be tearing into the roof membrane.

Roofing Maintenance is a good idea for your home because it will help protect you from costly repairs and extend the life of your building. In addition to maintaining your roof’s condition, you should also keep a record of the work performed. Keep hard and digital copies of all maintenance records. These records will be useful if you decide to sell your property. Documentation also helps boost resale value. Keep copies of your roof’s specs, product sheets, warranty paperwork, shop proposals, drawings, and any repairs.

Aside from regular roof cleaning, it would be best if you kept debris and leaves from clogging your gutter system and roof drains. You should also inspect your chimney for leaks during rainstorms and report them to your roofer. It’s also important to make sure you’ve installed a designated roof walk path or roof pad for the safety of those who work on the roof. Lastly, don’t smoke, pet, or leave anything on the roof. Leaving items like ice and trash may result in a damaged roof.

Tree limbs are another common cause of damage to your roof. Tree limbs may fall on your roof during severe weather. To prevent this, homeowners should trim any large branches that are hanging over their roof. The cutting of trees will not only reduce the damage caused by storms, but it will also prevent leaves from piling up on your roof, which can trap moisture and cause rot. This problem is especially problematic if they’re located near your house.

Another important area for roof leaks is flashing. The flashings are normally subject to more stress than the membrane in the roof field. UV degradation and thermal movement can damage flashings. A thorough inspection should be conducted at the perimeters, walls, equipment curbs, skylights, and other areas. Roofing professionals can identify problems before they cause serious damage. They will also be able to repair corroded gutters.

For optimal roof maintenance, property owners should have a professional perform a thorough inspection of their roof at least twice a year. In addition, they should schedule routine inspections every year after severe weather. The earliest problem detection is vital in avoiding costly repairs. Lastly, property owners should make a call for a roof inspection whenever they experience unusual weather conditions, such as wind or hail storms. A professional roof repair will also be able to follow local building codes.

Roofs are an integral part of a building’s exterior walls. If you have a penthouse or rooftop mechanical equipment, the roof system can become headquarters for exterior wall maintenance. Window washers, tuckpointers, and caulkers often stage work from the roof. Mechanical trades, such as electricians and plumbers, can also gain access to the roof. Regardless of the trade, all this activity can damage the roof system. It is important to document any and all roof activities with a building engineer.

Investing in preventive maintenance can extend the life of your roof by up to 50%. In addition to reducing the risk of major repairs, proactive maintenance will also increase the value of your property. The cost of proactive maintenance is only 2% of the estimated replacement cost each year, which amounts to $4000 in total over the course of a 25-year roof. If you’re interested in a preventative roofing maintenance program, get in touch with a roofing company and ask about the available options.